What You Want?

Let’s be honest..

What are we doing

Talking around the subject

Like it’s gonna go away…

So I’ll break the ice.

You want me to fuck you.

You want me to take you

Grab you

Hold you in place

And kiss you until you melt into the walls.

You want me to grip you

Pull you

Push you past your limits

And create boundless realms

Of pleasure where your senses shatter,

And your smile and grunt are one in the same.

You want me to whisper

Words laced with utmost deviance

Persuasions of perverse power

That make you shake, shiver, and simmer

You want me to make your body glow

And your eyes shimmer

And your pussy glisten

While you listen to my cunning lingual

Commands, demands, and stances.

You want my hands to roam

And force.

To make you bend and break.

You want my mouth to taste and tease.

My teeth to bite and nibble.

You want my fingers to wiggle and waggle

To such a degree that

You shatter. You absolutely, fucking


Whimpers and gasps and shudders…

You want me to have you.

To take you.

And I will if you want it…

But here is your warning..

Take one step this way,

And you’ll never go back from whence you came.

Sigh.. this so much.


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